Work with Human Materials

Work with human subjects and materials at MIT is controlled by the Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects (COUHES). Visit the COUHES website for details on regulatory requirements and training. 

Lab Specific Training

All BE personnel working in laboratory spaces are required to take Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training. This training is typically provided by the lab's EHS representative, but may be given by the PI or other designated lab person. As part of this training new personnel read the BE Chemical Hygiene Plan and review the Safety Quiz located at the end of the CHP.

All personnel must also complete a Lab Specific Chemical Hygeiene Training refresher at a minimum of once per year. See the lab EHS Representative for more information. 

EHS Training

The central EHS Office provides a number of required and recommended courses available to BE personnel. 

Chemical Training

BE requires all personnel to complete General Chemical Hygiene and Managing Hazardous Waste training prior to working in the lab. Managing Hazardous Waste training must be renewed annually.

Biological Training

General Biosafety is required once for all people that will be working with biological materials. Bloodborne Pathogens Training is required annually for all people working with human materials, including human cell lines.

Additional EHS Training

Additional training to be conducted is determined by completing the EHS Training Needs assessment in the MIT Learning Center

Work with Animals

Work with animals is overseen by the Division of Comparative Medicine and Committee on Animal Care. Refer to their website for details on training and other requirements.